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Silver Ceramic Heart Abstract overlapping Sculpture

Silver Ceramic Heart Abstract overlapping Sculpture

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Inspired by sleek elegance and clean lines, a minimalistic design offers effortless luxury with monochromatic tones and bold, angular structures
A heart sculpture that is expertly crafted from premium ceramic, resulting in a sophisticated piece that encapsulates the essence of modern design
Overlapping hearts sculpture showcases a sleek silver finish that emanates contemporary elegance, creating a harmonious blend of metallic tones
A double heart sculpture that boasts a seamless merging of modern aesthetics with enduring craftsmanship, showcasing an overlapping heart-shaped design
The sculpture measures 11.45L x 2.15W x 10.2H inches, and weighs 2.435 lbs
  • The sculpture's overlapping heart design employs a dynamic pattern that merges curves and angles, symbolizing interconnectedness and emotional resonance
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Ceramic material undergoes meticulous molding, firing, and finishing processes to achieve its flawless surface, while the silver finish is applied with precision to accentuate the sculpture's form and evoke a reflective quality

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